The S / S company is an international holding company which works in
different fields. Especially construction and food supplying. The main office
located in Netherlands with many branches in the word like as Belgium,
Turkey, Oman, Germany, … .
In construction field, we provide and supply a variety of best materials and
brands from all around the word for different tastes to construction and
renovation of your buildings, apartments, interior & exterior design,
condominiums, etc., and also ready for consultative services either in
planning or implementation with skilled staff.
In food supply section, we works with the aim of providing healthy and
organic products, relying on the trust of dear customers and the missions of
“Healthy Product”, “Healthy People” and “Healthy Planet”.
For this purpose, in first step, you will be offered the best organic and
healthy food products of the Iran and Middle East with the “SHAPKA” brand.
It is mentioned that according to our missions and to protect the
environment, one percent of the product's sales are dedicated to cleanliness
of environment.
For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.